Introducing the Birdees Education Series®

The Birdees Education Series® is a collection of educational tools for parents and educators that provides children with quick answers to tough questions and makes having those tough conversations easy!

Answers are only as valuable as your ability to share them.

That’s why the Birdees Education Series® provides parents with the tools and resources they need to effectively communicate the information their child needs to know, when they need to know it, whatever their age. The first in the Birdees Education Series is Birdees Sex Education and includes an app for iPad and two eBooks.

Designed for iPad and iPad Mini, the Birdees Sex Ed app® is intuitively designed and easy to use, marrying expert opinion with current scientific literature to provide one of the most accurate, extensive Sexual Health resources on the market today. Aimed at children age 2-8 the Birdees Sex Ed app® is flexible and adaptable, providing both guided and self-directed experiences that make sexual education stress-free and fun for parent, educator and child alike. Birdees Sex Ed app® gives you peace of mind by putting a virtual Sexual Health Professional at your fingertips! In addition, for those who don’t have an iPad we’ve created the Birdees Sex Education eBooks: It’s More Than Learning about How Babies are Made! for Preschool and Curiosity Is Getting Complicated! for Primary School children. Birdees Education Series® delivers quality education in Sexual Health with a long term commitment to you and your family.

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